31 Jan 2011, 2:03pm
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Alforon Restaurant
5965 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA, 92115

Our menu


All Listed items are served on the regular menu or our daily specials.

Enjoy all these hearty dishes and Flat breads cooked with extreme attention to the  flavors and authenticities of the Lebanese Cuisine as it was known hunderds of years ago;  Always fresh and made with care and  a special style of presentation. 

Alforon does it with absolute perfection rivaling the best restaurants in Lebanon, current and in years past, always staying true to our heritage and the history of the Lebanese Cuisine. If you have never tried us or tried Lebanese Food, it is going to be an experience.

Whatever you do if and when visit, is not miss out on our Chef Special House Dessert.


  • Zaatar Flat Bread, Most amazing imported Lebanese Wild Thyme (Organic)
  • Lahm Bajeen/lahmajune
  • Cheese Flat Bread
  • Halloum / Soft Cheese
  • Kaack “el Asrouniyeh” and Kaack Kenefeh
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Portabello Mushroom
  • Salmon Bajeen
  • Egg Bajeen With Veggies and or Cheese
  • Lebanese Susage (Ma’anek)
  • Fatteh (Garbanzo and or Eggplant)
  • Cheese, Meat and Spinach    Fatayer/Pies
  • Falafel Wrap & Alforon Style Baked Falafel Bajeen
  • Shawarma Bajeen
  • Shish Taouk Bajeen
  • Soujouk Bajeen
  • Spinach Bajeen topped with Cheese
  • Sfeeha, Spinach, Feta and much more
  • Sambousek Meat & Cheese Filled
  • Kafta Bajeen Ovr Oven Baked & served with Basmati Rice
  • Chicken Tawook (Our Ever popular recipe)
  • Labni Bajeen with Honey, Zaatar or Falafel
  • Hoummos & Baba Ghannouj
  • Ma’anek / Soujouk
  • Stuffed Grape Leaves (Vegan or with Meat)
  • Beirut Style Balilah & Foul, Served in clay bowls
  • Eggs in Clay pot “Foukhkhar”
  • Kabseh Meat and or Chicken
  • Ouzi Rice w/ White Sauce
  • Kibbie Balls
  • Kibbie Labaniyyeh
  • Kibbie Nayyeh (Special Order)
  • Alforon Beet Salad
  • Alforon Olives & Jalpenos Salad
  • Mjaddara
  • Shish Barak
  • Shish Kafta Kabab
  • Sayyadieh (Fisherman’s Fish Rice)

We import our own Lebanese Olive Oil (available for sale at the restaurant) as well as Imported Zaatar and Summac.

Most of all we have adopted the original flavors of our Old Country Lebanon.


Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

PhotoAaysh Essaraya Dessert3.95
Zaatar. 3.75
Lahm Bajeen/lahmajune3.75
Lahm Bajeen/lahmajune Spicy4.25
Vegan and Vegetarian7.95
Feta Cheese Pie5.45
Spinach Pies1.75
Falafel / Falafel Bajeen6.45 / 8.95
Shawarma 7.95
Chicken Tawook 7.95
Soujouk 7.95
Spinach & Cheese7.95
Tabouli Sm / Lg6.95 / 13.95
Yougurt Cucumber & Mint5.95/11.95
Zaatar and Cheese5.95
Labni Plate (Homemade)6.95
Humous & Baba Ghannouj5.95 / 6.95
Oven Baked Kibbie w/ yogurt
Kibbie Balls
Kaack 2.45
6 Pcs Falafel
W/ Tahini, Pickles and Bread
6 /12Grape Leaves6.95 / 13.95
Fattoush Sm /Lg6.95/ 13.95
Labni 5.95
Yougurt, Cucumber & Mint Sm/Lg5.95 / 11.95
Balilah ( R )6.95
Foul Moudammas6.95
Tahini Sauce 8Oz.4.95
Garlic Paste 8Oz.5.95
Aayran (yougurt drink)2.95
Special Blend Hot or Iced Tea1.95
Sambousek Meat Sm/Lg3.95 / 7.50
Sambousek Cheese Sm/Lg5.25 / 9.95