Lebanese Comfort Food at ALFORON

Alforon comfort food geographically speaking spans in its variety from the North of the Country of Lebanon to the South and from its beach cities to the Bekaa Valley which borders Syria through Mount Lebanon and the other Mountainous regions; while encompassing to the various religious beliefs and Cultural traditions which influences its Style, Flavors, History & in many cases the taste and use of spices; Comfort food preparations in Lebanon varies greatly from one household kitchen to another.

You would think there is not that vast difference in it’s food preparation but reality checks in at tasting time, one would find the differences are in the way each and every area prepares their dishes…

Knowing the difference in our Lebanese Culture starts at a very very young age. One knows for example if a certain Kibbie has a Northern flare or Beirut (The Capital) Flare. Of course restaurants in the various communities take their own flare adding to that vast variations of the Lebanese Cuisine. it is no different really then say the Chinese Cuisine with the Cantonese style or Mandarin and the likes, or the Indian cuisine with its vast culinary expertise and variations including strong Vegetarian options; except China and India, used as examples, cover populations in the billions with mass territories; Lebanon on the other hand is as big as San Diego County if not smaller with a population of about 3.5 Million. (In 2016 Lebanon reached an unprecedented level with refugees reaching over 6.5 Million residents).

The idea of such a small territory like Lebanon can have such a rich Cuisine radiating throughout the Middle East and all over the World is extremely unique. Alforon is that Lebanese Restaurant representing this Cuisine with it’s vast culinary styles, rich in Vegan (Lenten) dishes, that are in rare existence in So Cal or the State of California. Give us a try a see for yourself why our restaurant has received and continues to receive recognition articles, fantastic accolades, Great Write Ups and Awards. We continue to strive to bring you the best of our Heritage in a cozy setting and an old style made from scratch culinary experience.


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An amazing herb widely used in Lebanon and the Middle East. Zaatar is the morning flat bread of Lebanon, it is by far the most popular on the go food. It exists in 100% of the Lebanese households; you will be hard pressed not to find a home without Zaatar in its Pantry. At home is is mixed with the best of olive oil available, it is close to Wild Thyme in the west but really different in that part of the world and mainly because of the way it is harvested wild and definitely Organic.

Zaatar cannot be grown in controlled environments, it run wild in the hills of Lebanon and is picked up and dried then mixed with various levels of toasted sesames to add flavor and to extend shelf life. Usually Stored in glass jars, Zaatar is then mixed in a glass cup with the olive oil for an anytime snack. In Bakeries Zaatar mix is spread over flatbread with some vegetable oil and in some cases a bit of Olive oil and baked in a 500 degree oven then sold on the go. Labni, tomatoes, olives and fresh mint is added to make one of the most delicious mixtures of any mana’eesh in that part of the world. A palm size zaatar is it also added to the traditional appetizer platters in Parties and Holidays along with other lebanese platters like the triangular spinach pie and the square Traditional Lebanese Sfeeha.

you can find all these and order them as Authentic as they come at:

ALFORON, 5965 El cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115


LahmBajeen story and origin

I have always been in love with “LAHM BAJEEN” ( Meat on Dough) as it is called in our Lebanese language which derives as a language and slang from the Arabic language.

“Lahm” in Lebanese  means “Meat” and “Ajeen” means “Dough”. Now you got it,  it’s Meat on Dough. With it’s history and age, as this word got transplanted throughout the Turkish Empire with it’s enormous influence which spanned from the Kazakhs to North africa and Eastern Europe. This huge area transformed the name from “Lahm Bajeen” to become so many different ones like Lamacune or Lahmajune which is the common name for lahm Bajeen in Turkey and Armenia. It is clear that lahm or Ajeen have no meaning in the Turkish or Armenian Languages, the fact remains that it was a transposed name originating in Greater Syria to include Lebanon, and it’s original name of Lahm Bajeen.

The popularity of this dish in this part of the world like Lebanon, Armenia, Turkey, Syria and other Middle Eastern Countries has made it as popular as Hamburgers in the western world, except it is much much older then that, say several hundred years older.

You can enjoy this Authentic flat bread at ALFORON as it is meant to be made. Very true to it’s origin of an extremely thin flattened 2.1Oz of our dough spread over a 12 inches in diameter made from a High Grade Unbleached Hard Wheat Flour and topped with about a third pound of meat, tomato, onions and it’s original spices.





Lebanese Restaurants in San Diego, Halal & Zabiha Halal Meat

Although our food resembles many other Lebanese Restaurants in San Diego County, it is unlike any of them. In a simple explanation, and acknowledging the many great Lebanese restaurants in San Diego, we decided to Combine the Northern Lebanese style cuisine which maintains a strong traditional cooking style and rich in the keeping the authentic Lebanese desserts like Baklawa, Halawet el jibn to name a couple, with the Southern Lebanon style cuisine rich in meats, flavorful Olive oils, earthy cooking and meat preservations, to the Eastern Lebanon cuisine of the Bekaa Valley rich in fresh meats and vegetables, to the coastal style Lebanese cuisine rich in Leafy greens and seafood dishes, and the Modern style Lebanese cuisine influenced by the Western world, mainly French cuisine and particularly French pastries.

ALFORON combines all mentioned Lebanese cuisines but keeps a strong focus on Mountainous Lebanese cooking. In our opinion, Mount Lebanon has been the pillar in Lebanese cuisine, guarded in safe keep with no outside or foreign influences for generations. Its the Lebanese cuisine that brings all of Lebanon’s flavors and authenticity home in Baking and cooking… That’s us here at ALFORON a Lebanese Restaurant for San Diego to be proud of. We take pride in this authenticity in Baking and Lebanese cooking. For example we use the highest grade Unbleached low Gluten Ground wheat as our main and only flour. We make our dough three to four times a day, this keeps it fresh and maximizes flavours and taste. Our Olive Oil is imported from the old Country, our Zaatar and Summac as well as our Wild pickled cucumbers used as an added flavour on our ever popular Chicken Tawook Flat bread.  Not to forget the one ingredient that brings that Chicken Tawook together and that is our very popular garlic paste that is second to none, made weekly from only natural garlic Gloves and vegetable oil. No Mayonaise  no  artificial anything.  Our Tabouli is made from hand chopped fresh parsley chopped four to five times daily to maintain its amazing freshness and taste.

Now onto our specialty desserts, first our House style, house made house created Aaysh Essaraya, all created form only natural spices and flavors that tops the best Desserts made in the Old Country,  Infused with our secret recipe of heavenly spices to is sure to have you wonder how such a good thing is even able to exist… its that good, we promise it disappoint you. The second Dessert is the Kenefeh served only sat and Sunday in the trditional Lebanese Kaack rivals the best in Lebanon, we make it with tremendous pride of our heritage and share it with you as if you took a trip to Old Lebanon of the 20’s and 30’s. We make all of those here in our Restaurant and from original natural ingredients no artificial nothing. These are a few examples of the difference between ALFORON and other great eateries.

Now you really have to try it to see for yourself what we are all about, and why San Diego has embraced us and gave all the props. We look forward to serving you in our Restaurant

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Manakeesh, Manaeesh, Manaqish

Manakeesh, Manaeesh, Manaqish or in singular form manousheh

(Arabic: مناقيش‎ manāqīsh; sometimes called معجنات mu‘ajjanāt ‘pastry’) is a popular food consisting of dough topped with wild thyme, cheese, or ground meat. Similar to a pizza, it can be sliced or folded, and it can either be served for breakfast or lunch. The word manaqish is the plural of the Arabic word manqūshah (from the root verb naqasha ‘to sculpt, carve out’), meaning that after the dough has been rolled flat, it is pressed by the fingertips to create little dips for the topping to lie in.

Traditionally, Arab women would bake dough in a communal oven in the morning, to provide their family with their daily bread needs, and would prepare smaller portions of dough with different toppings for breakfast at this time.

Classic toppings

Zaatar (Arabic: زعتر, za’tar, manaqish bi’l za’tar). The most popular form of manakish uses zaatar as a topping. The zaatar (wild thyme) harvest wild dried and is then mixed with Summac, sesame seed (sometimes toasted) and olive oil and spread onto the bread before baking it in the oven. It is a favourite breakfast in Lebanon, and Syria, It is also served by cooks as part of a meza, or as a snack with a glass of mint tea and feta cheese on the side. Popular also in the Arabian Peninsula, it was likely introduced there by Palestinians making the pilgrimage to Mecca

Cheese (Arabic: جبنة, jubnah). Another type has Akawi cheese toppings instead, and it is a bit more expensive than the thyme manakish.

Minced lamb (Arabic: لحم بعجين, laḥm bi-‘ajīn, “meat with dough, sfiha). Other manakish are served for lunch because of their heavier contents. This popular manakish has lamb topping. The minced lamb is mixed with tiny pieces of diced tomato and vegetable oil, and this manakish is optionally served with ground pepper or pickles and yogurt.

Fancy toppings

Manakish can be prepared pizza-style with a variety of fancy toppings. These may include cheese, meat (beef or turkey), mushrooms, labneh, cheese with honey, or chocolate with bananas.

Kenefeh/ Kunafeh/ Knafeh/ Konafah/ Kunafeh/Kunafah – Lebanese style

Knefe, Kanefeh, Kunafah, Kanafeh, kunāfah

Knafeh or Kunafeh Cheese (its spelling variations are as endlesss as its recipe variations)
This is the warm two layer dessert specialty of Lebanon and the Middle East.
Knefeh with cheese or Kenefeh bi-Jibn, is often eaten for breakfast with a sesame-sprinkled kaacké, the traditional Lebanese bread for this dessert.
The topping is made from Freekeh or Mafrookeh a product similar to the filo dough commonly known in the region, semolina based ground fine (Lebanese style) and mixed with Ghee and Butter baked to get its brownish color.
This dessert is served warm with special blend Rose water Syrup.

Enjoy the most Authentic Lebanese version of Kenefeh bil Kaack at
5965 El Cajon Blvd ,
San Diego CA 92115

Our menu


All Listed items are served on the regular menu or our daily specials.

Enjoy all these hearty dishes and Flat breads cooked with extreme attention to the  flavors and authenticities of the Lebanese Cuisine as it was known hunderds of years ago;  Always fresh and made with care and  a special style of presentation. 

Alforon does it with absolute perfection rivaling the best restaurants in Lebanon, current and in years past, always staying true to our heritage and the history of the Lebanese Cuisine. If you have never tried us or tried Lebanese Food, it is going to be an experience.

Whatever you do if and when visit, is not miss out on our Chef Special House Dessert.


  • Zaatar Flat Bread, Most amazing imported Lebanese Wild Thyme (Organic)
  • Lahm Bajeen/lahmajune
  • Cheese Flat Bread
  • Halloum / Soft Cheese
  • Kaack “el Asrouniyeh” and Kaack Kenefeh
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Portabello Mushroom
  • Salmon Bajeen
  • Egg Bajeen With Veggies and or Cheese
  • Lebanese Susage (Ma’anek)
  • Fatteh (Garbanzo and or Eggplant)
  • Cheese, Meat and Spinach    Fatayer/Pies
  • Falafel Wrap & Alforon Style Baked Falafel Bajeen
  • Shawarma Bajeen
  • Shish Taouk Bajeen
  • Soujouk Bajeen
  • Spinach Bajeen topped with Cheese
  • Sfeeha, Spinach, Feta and much more
  • Sambousek Meat & Cheese Filled
  • Kafta Bajeen
  • Oven Baked Kafta & served with Basmati Rice
  • Chicken Tawook (Our Ever popular recipe)
  • Labni Bajeen with Honey, Zaatar or Falafel
  • Hoummos & Baba Ghannouj
  • Ma’anek / Soujouk
  • Stuffed Grape Leaves (Vegan or with Meat)
  • Beirut Style Balilah & Foul, Served in clay bowls
  • Eggs in Clay pot “Foukhkhar”
  • Kabseh Meat and or Chicken
  • Ouzi Rice w/ White Sauce
  • Kibbie Balls
  • Kibbie Labaniyyeh
  • Gilled Kibbie
  • Kibbie Halabiyyeh
  • Kibbie Nayyeh (Special Order)
  • Alforon Beet Salad
  • Alforon Olives & Jalpenos Salad
  • Mjaddara
  • Shish Barak
  • Shish Kafta Kabab
  • Sayyadieh (Fisherman’s Rice)
  • Ouzi Lamb over Spiced Rice
  • Stuffed Zucchini and Stuffed Cabbage Leaves 
  • Lebanese Style Musakaa 
  • Lebanese Okra
  • Chicken Kabab,
  • Beef Kabab
  • Kafta Kabab 

We import our own Lebanese Olive Oil (available for sale at the restaurant) as well as Imported Zaatar and Summac.

Most of all we have adopted the original flavors of our Old Country Lebanon.


Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115

PhotoAaysh Essaraya Dessert5.95
Zaatar. 4.95
Lahm Bajeen / lahmajune4,95
Lahm Bajeen/lahmajune Spicy5.45
Vegan and Vegetarian9,75
Feta Cheese Pie6.95
Spinach Pies1.95
Falafel wrap or Falafel Bajeen7.95 / 9.95
Shawarma 9.75
Chicken Tawook 9.75
Soujouk 9.75
Spinach & Cheese9.75
Tabouli Sm / Lg7.95 / 14.95
Yougurt Cucumber & Mint7.95 / 14.95
Zaatar and Cheese7.95
Labni Plate (Homemade)7.95
Humous & Baba Ghannouj7.95 / 8.45
Oven Baked Kibbie w/ yogurt
Grilled Kibbie
Kibbie Labaniyeh
Vegan Kibbie
16.95 / 18.95

Kaack 2.95
6 Pcs Falafel
W/ Tahini, Pickles and Bread
7.95 / 14.95
6 /12Grape Leaves8.95 / 15.95
Fattoush Sm /Lg7.95 / 14.95
Labni Bajeen6,95
Yougurt, Cucumber & Mint Sm/Lg7.95 / 14.95
Balilah (R) / (L)7.95 / 14.95
Foul Moudammas (R) / (L)7.95 / 14.95
Tahini Sauce 8Oz.5.95
Garlic Paste 8Oz.6.95
Aayran (yougurt drink)2.95
Special Blend Hot or Iced Tea1.95
Sambousek Meat Sm/Lg5.25/ 9.95
Sambousek Cheese Sm/Lg6.75/ 13.50
Alforon Olives & Jalapenos7.95
French fries With Garlic Paste7.95
Phoenician Pie10.95
Kenefeh & Kenefeh w/ Kaack6.99 / 7.99
Halawit Beirut (V)7.95


Lahmajeen, Lahmajune, lahmacun, Lahmajoun or LahmBajeen Lebanese

Lahmajeen, Lahmajune, Lahmajoun, lahmacun or LahmBajeen or whatever you call it, is probably the most thought after oven baked flat bread sandwich in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East, Turkey included. It is so popular people are always looking for the best places that serves it. Not all Restaurants, Bakeries or specialty eateries can make this delicious and fragile flat bread. Its secret is and has always been in the mixtures or Toppings, but even then not many can really duplicate its original paper thin Flat Bread.

What is amazing about it, is that thin piece of dough getting baked in 400 + degree oven, allowing the raw meat to cook evenly without burning the thin dough. Not many have been able to duplicate this process. Unlike the common precooked toppings available on the ever popular spread of dough with the “P” word, good LahmBajeen is in  making flat breads come out crispy and as tasty as they come.

You can of course try the most delicious, most authentic Lahmajune, lahmacun, lahmajoune, Lahmajeen, Lahmbajeen or whatever you call it at Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego Ca 92115