The Lebanese and Mediterranean Kitchen

When someone visits our restaurant and tries the food, one knows immediately the difference between a Restaurant Commercially set up and a Restaurant that happens to Feel like a home;  a Home feel with it’s  Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness.

Our customers walk in and leave wanting to make an impression on us instead of the other way around. Just as if the visit was to relative’s house, and the attempt is to leave a good impression after their visit, to leave with their clean table and or give up their table to other guests or introduce themselves and talk to others totally strangers to them, just as everyone does when they find themselves in the house that hosted them, also hosted other guests or family members and the introduction responsibility is left to everyone , to interact, catch up and explore.

We cook home food not Restaurant food. It won’t take much to discover the passion, love and the work we put into our food.

ALFORON is not about to sell anything or offer anything that would not have been made at home at the exact style, quality and freshness in ingredients especially without commercializing any aspect or part of it.

ALFORON is the ultimate Home kitchen with the complete sense of  Hospitality, Originality, Tradition and Heritage.

Our Restaurant has that Homey feel. We want your visit to be an experience not just a lunch or a dinner. We work really hard to leave a strong positive impression on every visitor, especially the youngest of them.


619 269 9904

5965 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, CA 92115



Aaysh Essaraya at ALFORON aka’ “The Love Dessert”

In a late summer eve, the Pasha in one of his Saray’s (Palaces) in Lebanon, one of  Turkey’s most admired colonies, screamed at his guards to bring him the best Pastry Chefs in the Saray. The Pashas at the time was the most feared dictators of their times, ruled without mercy, compassion or respect for human lives.

The Story goes that the Pasha had his eyes on a beautiful woman and he wanted to make a big impression. His idea was to make her  a dessert original enough to be unlike anything he has ever tasted, something that had never been done before.

Summoning that Pastry Chef was all about that creation. He wanted to have that Sweet dessert ready that evening or the poor guy would disappoint the Pasha and anger him, and whoever disappoint the Pasha usually had his head publicly chopped.

That is how the concept of Aaysh Essaraya came about that afternoon by that poor pastry maker. It was a hit with the Pasha who was delighted by the results, and a very positive result with his Beautiful guest. The dessert was then named Aaysh Essaraya referencing the Palace Dessert. (Aaysh means Bread or food of the  Saraya or Palaces)

Why this story?

To give you the background of this dessert only, and nothing else. Because our Aaysh Essaraya  may share the name of what became the Pasha’s favorite dessert during and after that hot date, but it does not share anything else. The set up perhaps, but here at ALFORON, we’ll be sharing our experience with you in this story, but more so we will be sharing one of the most treasured Desserts ever made. As old as this dessert is; the recipe has evolved through the years. It has definitely evolved with me for the last thirty or so years. It now has such original spices and delicate balance that would be extremely hard to duplicate or even come close to duplicate. Spices that embodies this dessert, so unique and so rare in pairing together. I have had years of fun trying to get it to this perfection.

It is with our deepest most cherished pride and true joy that I and my wife bring this dessert to San Diegans in this Small and Humble Restaurant.

Enjoy it, Savor It and let everyone knows about your experience.


619 269 9904

5965 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, CA 92115


San Diego’s first.. A different kind of Lebanese Cuisine

“ALFORON”  will  take  you back  in   a Journey to  our  Old  Country  of Lebanon in  a  beautiful setting,  a friendly smile  and  our family’s warm Welcome, top  it  all  with  a  Great Value  Menu.

San Diego’s  first  of  its  kind,  “ALFORON”   Brings  you  our freshly made Manakeesh or Flat Bread Sandwiches from the finest of ingredients, Baked daily in our State  of the Art Brick Oven. Come taste what has been missing in San Diego County. it is finally here and it’s just like it used to be in the Old Country. We make our own Yogurt, Aayran and Labni on location, we use the highest quality ingredients, and most of all we only use HALAL meat from the best sources in Southern California. We Import the Zaatar and Summac Spices from the old country Our Garlic Paste is one testament of the original flavors of old Lebanon. Our Tabouli and Fattoush Salads are always fresh and made to order never pre-prepared.. our Sausages are all made from Lean Halal meat never stuffed in links, you can see the meat spread on your flat bread and taste its freshness.

Our kenefeh is served every Saturday and Sunday. Have on a plate or have it the Lebanese way stuffed in our Traditional Kaack, made fresh on location. our Manakeesh are sure to bring back memories to you and your families and introduce these flavors to your kids and the new generations who had never experienced what our generation has experienced. We are sure your experience will be a great one, in fact we guarantee you it in every visit.

We want to thank everyone for their encouragements and  look forward to serving you in our Alforon soon.


Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101