Unique concept, Cooking the Old Country Style Comfort food of Lebanon





ALFORON will take you back on a Journey to our Old Country of Lebanon in a beautiful setting, a friendly smile and our family’s warm Welcome, top it all with our Great Value Menu. 

A Lebanese Mediterranean Cuisine without sacrificing the original flavors, spices and authenticity of our heritage in food preparations.

In the twenty first century food preparation has become extremely dependent on off site’s mass productions and huge manufacturing corporations facilitating the services of kitchen personnel and cooks.

At ALFORON we make everything in house from original ingredients, We take pride in our Lebanese Mediterranean rich food preparations, with the promise to keep our kitchen free of preservatives and commercial additives in every way. It is and will remain an extension of everyone of us, and how we prepare meals in our own homes for our own kids & families.


Authentic Flat Bread Manakich Extra

Authentic Flat Breads


Old Country Comfort Food

San Diego’s first of its kind, “ALFORON” Brings you freshly made Flat Breads prepared from the finest unbleached Flour with no artificial additives. Our Dough is vegan with no Animal products, Baked daily in our State of the Art Oven with carefully hand picked Local and Imported High Quality Ingredients

 America’s truly original Fusion Lebanese kitchen

Listed # 25 on Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurant

“ALFORON” promises to take you back on a Journey to our Old Country of Lebanon in a beautiful setting, a friendly smile and our family’s warm Welcome, top it all with our Great Value Menu.

The most authebtic, delicious Lebanese food in the States.

The staff are great and freindly.

If you go there once, you will come back for sure

Aymen A

May 2019

Definitely one of the gems of San Diego,

The Food,

Service and ambiance are all top-notch..

David L

"Yelp Elite" April 2049

Best Mediterranean food in San Diego. The place has a nice vibe to it.

The owner and staff are so friendly.

The food is SO GOOD and authentic...

Entesar A.

San Diego - March 2019

Food and Service was so good we came back 2 nights in a row. So yummy.

I lives in the Middle East and the food is extremely authentic- in the right way.

Philip M

Feb 2019 Yelp

Delicious every single bite! Vegan options and vegetarian options clearly marked on the menu for everyone to enjoy...

Great service with a fun & friendly staff

I'll be back soon

Walter H.

Feb 2019

Best customer service ever. This family owned business treat you like a very special person.

This is the best customer service I ever seen.

I highly recommend.

Mahtab A.

Feb 2019 yelp

after two years in san Diego, this is the only place we know we can confidently take any visitor.

Yes, the house dessert is Phenomenal....

Jean-Guillaume L.

Feb 2019 yelp

I'm so happy to find this place and have food there, my dinner was fantastic.

First of all the Chief comes and seat you, take your order and check up on you constantly,

He is very friendly. food are amazing The Chicken Kabab is super delicious...

Quynh N.

Jan 3019 yelp

Ok, who has been keeping this place from me?The "World famous " falafels are loaded with flavor and made to order.

But the Kibbie is to die for...

Cole J. Yelp

Jan 2019

Alforon serves the most authentic Middle Eastern meals I've had in the United States.

The only other restaurant that rivals it is in New Jersey.

What makes it better is the hospitality that Samia (mother hen) provides...

Kloude F.

New Jersey , Yelp Jan 2019

I don't really think that my Five-Star will matter to this high volume of fice star reviews but its a great place,

everything about this place is nice the server is my favorite.

Hani H.

Yelp Dec 2018

Wonderful service and the best Middle Eastern food in California.

Very friendly staff

Imad A.

Google May 2019

Excellent food Service & atmosphere

lee Anne D

Google May 2019 Restaurant review # 881

I am always critical of U.S eateries and their puzzling customs... the usual peeves notwithstanding, ALFORON is my kind of place. No fancy bat view, no obsequious service, no silly tablet to take your order, this is about what matters: good food in a genuinely welcoming atmosphere.

Jean-Guillaume L.

Feb 2019 yelp

it has the feel of an Auberge, where weary voyagers would sit at the same table and share a meal...

do not worry, you get your own table and the menu is varied:

I was jus day dreaming.

Jean-Guillaume L.

Feb 2019 yelp

Best and I repeat Best restaurant in all the USA !!

Thank you for your Hot and sweet restaurant the food is incredibly good


Michael M

Yelp Jan 2020

This is the best Lebanese Food in San Diego.

You must Try the Humous. We had the Shawarma and yellow rice and chicken and Lamb and Brown rice. AMAZING !!

Frances Q.

Yelp Jan 2020

Great food, and excellent service.

Was given wonderful Suggestions, in which we loved

Andrew Heim

Google Jan 2020

Great Food, Excellent atmosphere, and even better service! is a must go when in town, and always order the "Love dessert" at the end of your meal

Kelly Legg

Google Jan 2020

One of the Best restaurants ever

Abdullah Al Qattan

Google Nov 2019

Best Value in San Diego, arguably best Lebanese in the City regardless of price.

Nicolas Montes

Google Nov 2019

The Flat breads - my God - are the best

Niloofar Akhavan

Google Nov 2019


Very Good.

Faizuddin Ahmed

Google Oct 2019

Super delicious

Abdulaziz Alluhaydan

Google Oct 2019
Assorted Trays Party Spread
Stuffed Grape Leaves (VEGAN)
Labni /  Humous  / Baba Ghannouj
Assorted Trays Party Spread
Assorted Trays Party Spread