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APRIL 17TH 2022

San Diego's Most Authentic

Mediterranean / Lebanese Restaurant

Featuring the Cuisine of Lebanon's

Street Food & Comfort Food

Hours of Operation:

Wednesdays through Saturdays:  12 Noon to 8PM

Sundays:  12 Noon to 7 PM

Mondays & Tuesdays: CLOSED



To Our Valued Guests and Clients,
As all of us at ALFORON as well as The Whole Hospitality Industry continues to monitor the developments of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Delta Variant, the health and well-being of our clients, guests, employees and community will always remain our top priority.
We want to relay to everyone that along with our commitment to always remain vigilant along with complete in House food preparation offering the cleanliest Lebanese / Mediterranean food and environment. As we remain committed to the above, we have taken additional steps, guidelines and recommendations established by the “San Diego County Environmental Health”, the Centers for Disease Control “CDC” Care Centers Hospitals. and other notable agencies, These steps include and not limited to:
1- Increasing the frequency of cleaning all touch areas, Menus, Chairs and counters with all disinfectants recommended for food establishments.
2- Ensuring all of our Kitchen and Dining room employees remain attentive in taking all the required precautions including the frequent hand washing, and sanitizing.
3- Placing Hand Sanitizers in all public access areas of our restaurant.
As we remain committed to the above, our business will remain open to service you our guests and clients with the best quality and commitment you experienced and enjoyed at ALFORON since we established our business 11 Years ago.
Thank you for your patronage and your continued support.
George Salameh
Chef / Owner

Along with the ever popular Street food items found throughout Lebanon with its rich varieties, ALFORON offers you dishes that are traditionally served during Lebanese Holidays, Family gatherings, Celebratory times or simply on Sundays. We take extreme pride in preparing those dishes in House from original ingredients with seasonal produce and herbs, Imported spices from our old Country of Lebanon. A beautiful setting with the purpose of sharing the rich cuisine Lebanon has to offer.

Come visit ALFORON and let us share with you the Joy of Old style food preparation using no additives or preservatives...

We welcome you to try ALFORON's fresh menu items prepared daily and on the spot and with you in mind. Experience the originality of our spices and simplicity of unmasked flavors. Vegan rich. See for yourself what thousands of guests continue to experience at ALFORON in what our Mothers, Gran-Mothers & Great Gran-Mothers taught us, cooked for us and the love they shared with us growing up.






Lebanese / Mediterranean Cuisine

Our Menus offers Celebratory Dishes Typically enjoyed During Holidays, along with the Comfort food of every Lebanese home; Dishes we all grew up eating at our Grand parents Homes in LEBANON.

The Mediterranean Diet that made the Lebanese cuisine one of  the most sought after cuisines in the whole region.

Rich in Lenten / VEGAN & VEGETARIAN hearty Dishes with it's use of the vast resources the Lebanese agriculture has to offer in leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and legumes. 

Alforon started out in 2010 Offering the Lebanese style Flat Breads then expanded it's dining room and became the restaurant of choice for many of our community and san diego visitors looking for the taste  of  Old Country's Comfort Food

San Diego's  first  of  its  kind,  "ALFORON"  Brings  you  freshly  made  Flat Breads from the finest of  ingredients, Baked daily in our State  of the  Art  Oven with carefully hand picked local and imported High Quality Ingredients. We use Unbleached Hard Wheat Flour...  it is America's truly original Fusion Lebanese kitchen that is unlike anything out there, eighty percent of our Flat breads are our own conception and creation.

Our restaurant was open on a unique concept of innovation of style and presentation without sacrificing the original flavors, spices and authenticity of our heritage in food preparations. In the twenty first century food preparation has become extremely dependent on off site's mass productions and huge manufacturing corporations facilitating the services of kitchen personnel and cooks. This process is not ALFORON's, period. We make everything in house from original ingredients and take pride in those preparations and profess to keep our kitchen non commercial in every way. It is and will remain an extension of everyone of us, and how we prepare meals in our own homes for our own kids & families.

Listed AS # 25 on Yelp's Top 100 US Restaurant, among numerous Local & national Awards, write ups and recognitions.

"ALFORON" promises to  take  you back  on  a  Journey to  our  Old  Country  of Lebanon in  a  beautiful setting,  a friendly smile  and  our family's warm Welcome, top  it  all  with  our  Great Value  Menu.


-  Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 PM to 8 PM,

-  Sunday 12:00 PM to 7 PM,

Closed on Mondays and Tuesday.

We will take care of all your Catering needs.

Lunch,  Dinner

Phone number : 619-269 9904


619-269 9904

Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92115