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– “CBN’s Coveted “SPECTRUM” Award for Service Excellence 2016 -17 -18 -19 
– “ZAGAT” Rated “Best Middle Eastern Cuisine” 2015 – 2016 – 2017 – 2018 -19

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Sayyadieh (Fisherman’s Rice)- (NGF)
A Crowd & Chef’s favorite!
A traditional Lebanese Dish made with darkened fish rice, complimented with a filet of Tilapia Or Swai Filet. Seared to perfection then topped with roasted Pine Nuts, roasted Almonds, caramelized Onions and covered with our special Tahini sauce

Ouzi Lamb- (NGF)
A Crowd & Chef’s favorite!
Oven Baked Leg of Lamb, (Our Chef’s Own recipe), de-boned and spread over Ouzi Rice cooked with meat then topped with roasted Pine Nuts & Roasted Almonds, Our Chef’s own recipe, Served with its own broth / Au Jus and a side of House made Yogurt

Lamb Fatteh
Baked Lamb Meat spread over Hot Garbanzo beans & Toasted Lebanese Bread, Covered w/ Broth mixed Hot Garlic Mint Yogurt, then topped with “Beurre Noisette” Butter roasted Pine Nuts & Almonds, Served in a Large Bowl

Kibbie- (…As American as Apple pie… As Lebanese as Kibbie !!! )
One of the oldest & most traditional Lebanese dishes, “Kibbie”. Made with extremely lean beef, cracked wheat, special herbs & spices. With it numerous varieties; These are some of our chef’s family favorites. Choose your own:

1. Kibbie Labaniyyeh- (Recommended for Yogurt Lover’s)
Made into palm size balls then Stuffed with Pine Nuts, extra lean Ground beef and diced onions. Cooked and served in a bowl of tangy hot garlic mint house made yogurt. Served with/ Basmati Rice
2. Vegan Kibbie- (V)*
This Lenten / Vegan Kibbie is made from Curcubita / Squash. Made into Egg Shaped balls and Stuffed with Seasoned Spinach, Summac, Onions & Garbanzo beans then served on a bed of our popular Fattoush salad
3. Baked Kibbie-
The Gran Daddy of all Kibbie. An Oven Baked 7″ Round two layered Kibbie with fillings of meat, Onions and Pine Nuts Served with a side of House Yogurt
4. Baked Beet Kibbie-(V)*
This one also is Our Chef’s Own Creation & Recipe. Oven Baked 7″ Round two layered Beet Kibbie with fillings of Spinach, Garbanzo, Julienne Onions & more, Served w/ Arugula Salad
5. Grilled Kibbie-
Famous in northern Lebanon This Kibbie has a dome Shape, usually stuffed with Fat, meat and Nuts. Here we eliminated the Fat part
6. Kibbie Arnabieh- (B’ Tahini)
This Kibbie is Served with two a palm size Kibbie Balls then Stuffed with Pine Nuts, Gr. beef and diced onions in a Lemony Tahini sauce with Julienne Onions and garbanzo beans Served with Basmati Rice

Kafta B’Alforon- (NGF)
The ever popular Oven Baked Kafta Kabab  7″ round Meat Patty covered with Sliced Potatoes, Sliced Tomatoes, topped with our own Herb rich and Hearty Tomato Sauce. Lebanon’s version of a Meat and Potato dish.
Served with White Basmati Rice

Kafta B’ Tahini
Oven Baked Kafta Kabab  7″ round Meat Patty covered with Sliced Potatoes, Topped with our popular Tahini sauce & Baked in our Big Oven and Served with basmati Rice

Kousa & Malfouf Mih-shi- (NGF)
This is one of the ultimate comfort food dishes in Lebanon, you will be hard pressed not to find this dish regularly cooked in every household. The Zucchini is cored and the Cabbage Leaves are steamed then both Stuffed with Extremely lean Meat, Tomatoes, Rice and much more, slow cooked in a light tomato sauce. We serve ours with House made Yogurt and a side of Lemon garlic

Kousa Bil Laban (NGF) كوسا باللبن
Stuffed Cored Zucchinis with Extremely lean Meat, Tomatoes, Rice & much more in a Tangy Garlic & Mint Yogurt sauce. Served Hot in large Bowl.

Mouloukhiyyeh / Jute Leaf Mallow-           ملوخيّة  لبنانيّة  بالدجاج 
Lebanese Mouloukhiyyeh W/Chicken Breast & White Rice

Majbous-           مجبوس دجاج كويتي مع حشو و دقوس    
A Popular Kuwaiti Dish. Beautifully Seasoned Rice with it’s condiments, Served with Roasted Chicken Leg Quarter

Shish Barak      شيش برك مع الرز  
Extremely thin squares of dough stuffed with seasoned Gr. Beef and Pine Nuts, Or for Vegetarians (VG)* Stuffed with Wild Mushrooms. Cooked then dipped in a bowl of Hot, not spicy, Yogurt with Roasted Garlic Mint mixture and served with Basmati rice

Chicken kabab, Kafta Kabab, Lamb or Beef Kabab-(NGF) كباب لبناني
Alforon Original Mix & Marinate, Choice any Two Skewers of Cubed Tender Chicken Breast Served with garlic Paste or Kafta Ground Beef Kabab with Herbs & Spices, or Cut up Beef or Lamb Tenderloin / Filet Mignon, a side of Yogurt Cucumbers, with grilled Tomato & Onion and a healthy serving of Basmati Rice

Please Allow 18 to 20 Minutes of Grilling Time

Vegan / Vegetarian Options

Lebanese Eggplant Mousakaa – (NGF)
Cubed Eggplant (Aubergine) with Saute’ d’Onions combined together in a beautifully seasoned tomato sauce, served over basmati Rice (V)* –
Add seasoned Lean Gr. Beef meat –

Okra- (Bamieh) (NGF)
Lebanese style and traditionally cooked Okra in a tangy tomato sauce, flavor rich with herbs and spices, served with White Basmati Rice (V)* –
With seasoned Lamb and Beef Cubed meat –

Green Peas & Carrots (NGF)             
Cooked in light Tomato Sauce & served With White Vermicelli Rice (V)* –
Add seasoned Lean Gr. Beef –

Mjaddara (Lentils w/ Rice)- (NGF) (V)*               مجدّرة مع فتّوش
Slow cooked Lentils, Onions and a simple mix of original bouquet of spices, all mixed with Egyptian Rice and served with our popular Fattoush Salad –

Hearts of Zucchini- (NGF) (V)*
Hearts of zucchini Mixed with Brown, white & green Onions, slow cooked and perfectly seasoned with a side of Fattoush salad —— (V)
For Vegetarians (VG) add two over easy eggs on top -(VG)

Favarugula- Salad (V)* (ALFORON EXCLUSIVE)
Our Slow cooked “Foul Moudammas” (Fava Beans) in its own dressing on a bed of Arugula salad and topped with Fresh Diced Tomatoes –

Bean Medley (VG)*                       مخلوطة حبوب مع الرز  
Five different kinds of Beans soaked and cooked with Lentils, Onions and Rice served in a large Bowl with Basmati Rice or our Fattoush Salad –

Falafel Salad (V)*  (NGF)         سلطة الفلافل بالطحينة
Simple, Filling and delicious Falafel Nuggets over Romain lettuce, Diced Tomato then topped with our amazing Tahini sauce

Tahini Garbanzo Noodles (V)* (NGF)                                سلطة المعكرونة بالطحينة 
Garbanzo made Rotini Noodles (Non GMO & Gluten Free) Cooked and Covered with Tomato and topped with Tahini sauce

Selected Specials are made from original ingredients using local and imported spices. Also please note that we make our Own Yogurt and Cheese in House.

*(V) Vegan          *(VG) Vegetarian         *(NGF) Naturally Gluten Free



Beer & Wine

* Wine:
– Pinot Noir
– Merlot or Cab (Reds)
– Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc (White)
Red Wine Bottles:
Cabernet / Merlot / Pinot Noir

White Wine Bottles: Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc

* Beer:

  • Lebanese “ALMAZA” & “BEIRUT” BEER

With all of the Earned Awards, Write-ups, Great Reviews and Blogs about ALFORON, We want you to know that each plate is as special as you, our guest. We will do all that is possible to satisfy every palate. Your visit is very much appreciated.

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