Lebanese Comfort Food at ALFORON

Alforon comfort food is found in its tremendous variations all over Lebanon, geographically speaking it differs from the North of the Country of Lebanon to the South and from its beach cities to the Bekaa Valley which borders Syria through Mount Lebanon and the other Mountainous regions; while encompassing to the various religious beliefs and Cultural traditions which influences its Style, Flavors, History & in many cases the taste and use of spices; Comfort food preparations in Lebanon varies greatly from one household kitchen to another.

You would think there is not that vast difference in it’s food preparation but reality checks in at tasting time, one would find the differences are in the way each and every area prepares their dishes…

Knowing the difference in our Lebanese Culture starts at a very very young age. One knows for example if a certain Kibbie has a Northern flare or Beirut (The Capital) Flare. Of course restaurants in the various communities take their own flare adding to that vast variations of the Lebanese Cuisine. it is no different really then say the Chinese Cuisine with the Cantonese style or Mandarin and the likes, or the Indian cuisine with its vast culinary expertise and variations including strong Vegetarian options; except China and India, used as examples, cover populations in the billions with mass territories; Lebanon on the other hand is as big as San Diego County if not smaller with a population of about 3.5 Million. (In 2016 Lebanon reached an unprecedented level with refugees reaching over 6.5 Million residents).

The idea of such a small territory like Lebanon can have such a rich Cuisine radiating throughout the Middle East and all over the World is extremely unique. Alforon is that Lebanese Restaurant representing this Cuisine with it’s vast culinary styles, rich in Vegan (Lenten) dishes, that are in rare existence in So Cal or the State of California. Give us a try a see for yourself why our restaurant has received and continues to receive recognition articles, fantastic accolades, Great Write Ups and Awards. We continue to strive to bring you the best of our Heritage in a cozy setting and an old style made from scratch culinary experience.


5965 El Cajon , BLVD, San Diego, CA 92115

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