Kenefeh/ Kunafeh/ Knafeh/ Konafah/ Kunafeh/Kunafah – Lebanese style

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Knefe, Kanefeh, Kunafah, Kanafeh, kunāfah

Knafeh or Kunafeh Cheese (its spelling variations are as endlesss as its recipe variations)
This is the warm two layer dessert specialty of Lebanon and the Middle East.
Knefeh with cheese or Kenefeh bi-Jibn, is often eaten for breakfast with a sesame-sprinkled kaacké, the traditional Lebanese bread for this dessert.
The topping is made from Freekeh or Mafrookeh a product similar to the filo dough commonly known in the region, semolina based ground fine (Lebanese style) and mixed with Ghee and Butter baked to get its brownish color.
This dessert is served warm with special blend Rose water Syrup.

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