Lahmajeen, Lahmajune, lahmacun, Lahmajoun or LahmBajeen Lebanese

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Lahmajeen, Lahmajune, Lahmajoun, lahmacun or LahmBajeen or whatever you call it, is probably the most thought after oven baked flat bread sandwich in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East, Turkey included. It is so popular people are always looking for the best places that serves it. Not all Restaurants, Bakeries or specialty eateries can make this delicious and fragile flat bread. Its secret is and has always been in the mixtures or Toppings, but even then not many can really duplicate its original paper thin Flat Bread.

What is amazing about it, is that thin piece of dough getting baked in 400 + degree oven, allowing the raw meat to cook evenly without burning the thin dough. Not many have been able to duplicate this process. Unlike the common precooked toppings available on the ever popular spread of dough with the “P” word, good LahmBajeen is in  making flat breads come out crispy and as tasty as they come.

You can of course try the most delicious, most authentic Lahmajune, lahmacun, lahmajoune, Lahmajeen, Lahmbajeen or whatever you call it at Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego Ca 92115

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