Lebanese Restaurants in San Diego, Halal & Zabiha Halal Meat

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Although our food resembles many other Lebanese Restaurants in San Diego County, it is unlike any of them. In a simple explanation, and acknowledging the many great Lebanese restaurants in San Diego, we decided to Combine the Northern Lebanese style cuisine which maintains a strong traditional cooking style and rich in the keeping the authentic Lebanese desserts like Baklawa, Halawet el jibn to name a couple, with the Southern Lebanon style cuisine rich in meats, flavorful Olive oils, earthy cooking and meat preservations, to the Eastern Lebanon cuisine of the Bekaa Valley rich in fresh meats and vegetables, to the coastal style Lebanese cuisine rich in Leafy greens and seafood dishes, and the Modern style Lebanese cuisine influenced by the Western world, mainly French cuisine and particularly French pastries.

ALFORON combines all mentioned Lebanese cuisines but keeps a strong focus on Mountainous Lebanese cooking. In our opinion, Mount Lebanon has been the pillar in Lebanese cuisine, guarded in safe keep with no outside or foreign influences for generations. Its the Lebanese cuisine that brings all of Lebanon’s flavors and authenticity home in Baking and cooking… That’s us here at ALFORON a Lebanese Restaurant for San Diego to be proud of. We take pride in this authenticity in Baking and Lebanese cooking. For example we use the highest grade Unbleached low Gluten Ground wheat as our main and only flour. We make our dough three to four times a day, this keeps it fresh and maximizes flavours and taste. Our Olive Oil is imported from the old Country, our Zaatar and Summac as well as our Wild pickled cucumbers used as an added flavour on our ever popular Chicken Tawook Flat bread.  Not to forget the one ingredient that brings that Chicken Tawook together and that is our very popular garlic paste that is second to none, made weekly from only natural garlic Gloves and vegetable oil. No Mayonaise  no  artificial anything.  Our Tabouli is made from hand chopped fresh parsley chopped four to five times daily to maintain its amazing freshness and taste.

Now onto our specialty desserts, first our House style, house made house created Aaysh Essaraya, all created form only natural spices and flavors that tops the best Desserts made in the Old Country,  Infused with our secret recipe of heavenly spices to is sure to have you wonder how such a good thing is even able to exist… its that good, we promise it disappoint you. The second Dessert is the Kenefeh served only sat and Sunday in the trditional Lebanese Kaack rivals the best in Lebanon, we make it with tremendous pride of our heritage and share it with you as if you took a trip to Old Lebanon of the 20’s and 30’s. We make all of those here in our Restaurant and from original natural ingredients no artificial nothing. These are a few examples of the difference between ALFORON and other great eateries.

Now you really have to try it to see for yourself what we are all about, and why San Diego has embraced us and gave all the props. We look forward to serving you in our Restaurant

5965 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego CA 92115
619 269 9904

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