Fresh and Healthy Manakeesh / Flat Bread sandwiches Lebanese Style

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Alforon uses the freshest of ingredients, no microwave, no forced heating of anykind.Fresh and Healthy Flat Bread sandwiches Lebanese / Arabic Style
Imported Zaatar and Summac, Imported Olive Oil along with an imported idea to bake like old times, the soft flat bread sandwishes you use to roll when you were a kid, the toppings your Mom, Grand Ma and Aunts made for you growing up.

It is all done the old fashion way,  from dough preparation and handling to baking and storing. Our hand made state of the art oven insures even cooking and heat distribution with two long  flames on either side of the plate and a controlled thermal heat underneath.
Do you remember as a kid when your mom would send you off to the local Bakery “FORON”, with a bowl of zaatar mixed with her own mixture of olive oil, and you would apply that to the dough the baker would give you, and make Manakeesh Zaatar for you… That’s how we make things here at Alforon,
It’s just like your hometown baker did it in the old country.

Come try for yourself.

Alforon, 5965 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101 

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