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Why is Mediterranean Cuisine so Popular? one asks.

It is first and foremost as simple a cuisine as it gets; this cuisine uses basic, simple and earthly ingredients found all around the eastern and Northern edges of the Mediterranean Sea. The focus in the cuisine is on Hearty vegetables, leafy greens, olive oils and fresh and simple mixes of spices that the western world had long moved away from, but slowly getting back to. No complications here and no secrets to their mix either, it is as simple as the Trio as we always called in our house fresh Garlic, Fresh Lemon juice and the ever popular Extra Virgin olive oil that no house in Lebanon is found without. This trio applies to just about fifty percent of the Mediterranean dishes. Now the Trio is also used as the base from which you build the dish and build the flavors that applies to whatever you plan on cooking. Mediterranean cuisine in very much into Fruits, vegetables  grains, Nuts, Beans, Leafy greens, Herbs, Seeds and Fish. add to it the best part in Flat Bread baking.

Use that on a bed of Romaine lettuce and you have one of the healthiest, tastiest dressings you have ever tried, it is simple and extremely affordable and available in almost everyone’s Pantry.

Use that Trio on a bowl of Fava Beans or Garbanzo (ChickPeas) and you have one of the most filling Vegan dish, satisfying and healthy dishes. Most of all the simplicity and it’s rich Nutritional value.

Use it on Green Beans and or spinach, or try it on a bed of steamed kale. you will have the best side dish to compliment any Entree.

Use it on a piece of flat iron Beef or Chicken and now you have  an amazing simple marinate.

ALFORON has dozens of dishes that uses the TRIO some are listed on the Menu some are not ask us about our non published menu items that are purely Vegan or vegetarian. You will find them very appetizing, filling and fulfilling.

This is the best Heart Healthy diet recommended by most if not all Scientific Organizations and Dietitians for the best weight control and the prevention of Major Chronic diseases.



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