The Lebanese and Mediterranean Kitchen

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When someone visits our restaurant and tries the food, one knows immediately the difference between a Restaurant Commercially set up and a Restaurant that happens to Feel like a home;  a Home feel with it’s  Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness.

Our customers walk in and leave wanting to make an impression on us instead of the other way around. Just as if the visit was to relative’s house, and the attempt is to leave a good impression after their visit, to leave with their clean table and or give up their table to other guests or introduce themselves and talk to others totally strangers to them, just as everyone does when they find themselves in the house that hosted them, also hosted other guests or family members and the introduction responsibility is left to everyone , to interact, catch up and explore.

We cook home food not Restaurant food. It won’t take much to discover the passion, love and the work we put into our food.

ALFORON is not about to sell anything or offer anything that would not have been made at home at the exact style, quality and freshness in ingredients especially without commercializing any aspect or part of it.

ALFORON is the ultimate Home kitchen with the complete sense of  Hospitality, Originality, Tradition and Heritage.

Our Restaurant has that Homey feel. We want your visit to be an experience not just a lunch or a dinner. We work really hard to leave a strong positive impression on every visitor, especially the youngest of them.


619 269 9904

5965 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, CA 92115



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