LahmBajeen story and origin

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I have always been in love with “LAHM BAJEEN” “Lahm” in Lebanese  means “Meat” and “Ajeen” means “Dough”. Now you got it,  it’s Meat on Dough. With it’s history and age, as this name / word, got transplanted throughout the Turkish Empire with it’s enormous influences at the time which spanned from the Kazakhs to North africa and Eastern Europe. This huge area transformed the name from “Lahm Bajeen” to become so many different ones like Lamacune or Lahmajune which is the common name for lahm Bajeen in Turkey and Armenia. It is clear that lahm or Ajeen have no meaning in the Turkish or Armenian Languages, the fact remains that it was a transposed name widely known in Lebanon and Greater Syria and the Arab world known by it’s original name of Lahm Bajeen.

The popularity of this dish in this part of the world like Lebanon, Armenia, Turkey, Syria and other Middle Eastern Countries has made it as popular as Hamburgers in the western world, except it is much much older then that, say several hundred years older.

You can enjoy this Authentic flat bread at ALFORON as it is meant to be made. Very true to it’s origin of an extremely thin flattened 2.1Oz of our dough spread over a 12 inches in diameter made from a High Grade Unbleached Hard Wheat Flour and topped with about a third pound of meat, tomato, onions and it’s original spices.





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